Have ever played with Legos?

Last week on of my friends showed me a game called MineCraft. At the beginning I looked at him and I could not believe he could play this game. It simply looked horrible. The graphics looked like the game was created twenty years ago. However, since my friend could not stop playing that game I started watching him play to understand what was so exciting about it.

The whole idea of the game is to build your own world, by using resources that you can find. If you want to create more sophisticated items such as signs made of wood you need to cut trees to get wood and the necessary tools. You can play alone or you can play with friends.

Because I have never played that game, it is kind of hard for me to tell anything more about it. However, by looking at it kind of made me think of little kids playing with Legos; since the MineCraft world is basically build of blocks like Legos.  I started thinking about it in categories of educational games that can teach kids not only how to use computers because of it simple interface, but also how simple items are created; that you need resources that are found usually in a forest or in the field such as wood, sand, and tools to create them. I think it can be a really fun educational resource especially if played with other kids, to understand how civilization was developing. Also it lets you be creative by trying a lot of different combinations of resources and tools in order to create something new.

I bet that some of you have played that game before so maybe you can share more….