realistic videogames vs. videogames in reality

This music video will rock your “what if” world.  Bonus points if you know the game.  Double bonus if you actually played… (no, bonus points do count towards your grades.)

Games about Games

We’ve been thinking about what makes a good game design in our Gamestar Mechanic competition. In light of that, I’ve discovered this list of metagames. Some are just abusive like Desert Bus, where you have to drive a bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas for eight hours. Some are minimalistic like Don’t Shoot the Puppy, which is a game of inaction where you try to follow the instruction in the title. My favorite is The Onion‘s parody of violent video games, Close Range–a first person shooter where all of your enemies appear right in front of you. While most of them are amusing, they all challenge some element of game mechanics or design.

Motivational Montage


More Motivation…?

How’s your team doing? :-p


(courtesy of:  And no, the Ed 222 Instrucitonal team does not condone the words and actions you will see if you follow this link.  But one of the posters does offer hope to those of us with level 12 paladins…)

Amd… still more (de)motivation.

Peach and Zelda: Girl Time

So what do the heroines of Zelda and Mario talk about when they’re off-duty?
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