Mario Kart: Evaluating the Phenomenon

So I read one of the blogs posted earlier this week regarding videogame playing in dorms and it really got me thinking about my own experiences. Speaking as someone who has lived in the dorms all 4 years of his collegiate career I have seen videogames do everything from create a friendship between two people who one would think would never be able to relate on anything to damn near destroy friendships that have endured years of issues. I have played many different games in the dorms, everything from Fifa to Halo to Wii sports but I must say that the most transcendent game I have encountered would undeniably have to be Mario Kart. Now granted with the recent advances in technology, Mario Kart is available on many different consoles but I’m old school. Mario Kart on N64 is the best version ever made. It never fails, every time someone moves in with Mario Kart on N64 handy, people from all over the dorm gravitate toward their room to take part in the inevitable madness. This is something that has always made me smile because it is absolutely intriguing to see how my residents and res-hallers all over the country can play 20 games on an XBox or PS3 but own an Nintendo 64 for one reason, Mario Kart. Granted N64 has made some other valuable contributions that have stood the test of time as well such as 007 Golden Eye and Super Smash Bros. I have never seen a game as revolutionary and boundary crossing as Good Ol’ Mario Kart. I know that I am not the only person who can relate to this and if you are so unfortunate to be one of the unlucky few who cannot, invest in Mario Kart, a N64, and a few controllers and watch the magic unfold!

Mario Kart Love Song

I heard about this video last year and wanted to share it with you guys if you haven’t seen it before.  The song is actually really good and the lyrics are very clever.  On a weirdly sentimental note, growing up I really loved playing Mario Kart, and was completely mesmerized by the lights and colors of Rainbow Road, and I think this song captures the romanticized essence of the video game. Enjoy!