Best movie EVERRR!!!!

This would be the coolest movie ever 🙂 (that or the worst)

I’m a huge Zelda fan and i think this could be made into a really good movie if someone took the time to play the game and then design a movie (i don’t care if it was 10 hours long) that was decently true to the game.

The kind of video game movie that works

Two recent posts to this blog have talked about video games and movies. One asked why movies based on video games are always bad. Another talked about plans for an Inception game and expressed skepticism about whether it would work as a game. Both movies that adapt video games and especially video games that are based on movies have their problems, at least where quality is concerned (though I would argue that there are examples of both that work–I’ll get to those at the end of this post). Another kind of video game movie that works better is those that aren’t adaptations but feature games as an important part of the story being told.

I’ve been planning to post about video games and movies for a while, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I keep coming back to movies like Tron or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as being the best approach to video game movies. These movies are about games (or in the case of Scott Pilgrim, informed by games), but they’re not based on games. When I first decided to post about movies and video games, I asked some friends about their favorites. I also did a search to see what the Internet would bring me. My own choices, my friends’, and this column at the Escapist all pretty much agreed that in addition to Tron and Scott Pilgrim, you can’t talk about video game movies of this type without talking about The Wizard, WarGames, The Last Starfighter, and eXistenZ. I’m going to talk about Tron, WarGames, eXistenZ and Scott Pilgrim in this post, because those are the ones I have watched a million times know best (after the cut. Long post is long. Also, if you’re the TL;DR type, skip to the end for the part about a class poll). Feel free to leave comments about the others.


movie to video games

since there’s been so much about games and movies, here’s a backwards motion from movies to games. i don’t think this will work as well– the game transitioning into movie media because thriller movies like Inception have a reason why they are in the thriller category. The thrill is lost but now anyone can go and explore the dream world.

Video Game Movies

Why have I not seen a good movie based on a video game? I started thinking about this when we were working Gee’s principles. Are there principle in the game that become lost when the films turn the games into a Hollywood spectacle? It is just so weird that popular video games can bomb so hard at the box office. I personally have found some these movies entertaining while others were fair at best. Thoughts?