Google maps goes NES for April Fools

If you get the chance, make sure you click on “quest” in Google Maps today.

ann arbor 8-bit google map

Update: Wii 2 Announced

Check it out:

Not many details yet, but I figured it was worth a quick post.

New Nintendo Gaming System

Good news for Nintendo fans!  Apparently there are a lot of sources right now practically guaranteeing that there is a new Nintendo gaming system coming out soon. Supposedly, it will have HD graphics, although it isn’t certain whether the graphics will be comparable to the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Here’s an article that sums up many of the different reports from other gaming websites:

Game Informer is reporting that the new system will have HD graphics, while IGN reports that, “Our sources have said the console is significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and that Nintendo’s intent is to recapture the hardcore market.” Who knows how this new system could potentially be used in the classroom, but I figured there were enough Nintendo-lovers in the class to warrant a post on this. If you see any updates on this news, post it in a comment!

smartphones vs. videogames

The president of Nintendo told video game developers that smartphones were driving a trend toward lower quality and economically unsustainable video games.  The surfacing of low-cost video games for smartphones has led to a major shift in the way that many people experience video games.  In addition, the popularity of casual smartphone games like Angry Birds is particularly threatening to companies like Nintendo.  Video game console makers have looked to distinguish themselves by creating devices that do things that phones cannot.  Nintendo’s biggest response has been the 3DS, a portable 3D gaming device that does not require glasses.  What do you think of the experience of gaming on lower quality games on phones as compared to video game consoles?

The End of an Era

I had no idea that this was today (actually, now it’s yesterday). Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of the Game Boy Advance in Japan. Why is this such a big deal? It basically marked the end of the Game Boy era. Nintendo would release two more Game Boy systems (the Advance SP, incorporating a smaller frame for smaller hands and a backlit screen and then the Game Boy Micro) but the Advance was the last big handheld system before the DS’s release.!5784259/ten-years-ago-today-the-last-game-boy-was-born/gallery

I remember buying my ticket that guaranteed me a GBA on launch day in the US, and then going to Wal-Mart that morning to pick it up and get my first game (Castlevania: Circle of the Moon) and being so incredibly excited in the weeks leading up to launch. I thought I’d share that bit of nostalgia with you all.

3D Video Games???

A couple of days ago, I posted an entry about motion games and their new place in the video game world.

However, I was reading Entertainment Weekly and learned of the new phenomenon that is going to sweep the nation: The 3D video game. In case you do not know what I am talking about, see the article below:

This  3D thing is getting a little ridiculous. How much more do we need? Nintendo obviously thinks this could be a big hit but I am a little skeptical with prices as all 3D products are expensive.