You Can’t Play That on a Mac!

No one ever said Game Stop employees were known for their customer service abilities, but to actually laugh at a customer??  Unheard of.  But apparently when I asked if the new Civilization 5 would work on my MacBook Pro, the employees burst into laughter.  And it got worse from there.

Employee/Jester #1 called in Employee/Jester #2 so he could tell him what I had just asked.  Employee/Neil Diamond #2 proceeded to laugh louder than the first, and then in a sing-songy voice said “that’s what you get for buy-ing a Mac!”  After their tears had dried, they explained to me that Mac is about the worst PC gaming platform, and that despite my owning Windows Parallel, Civilization 5 would not run on my computer.

I was so disappointed.  Civilization 3 had been one of my favorite games from childhood, and I had been looking forward to the new Civilization since Sid Meier announced it last year.  Dismayed and tired of being laughed at, I bought Fallout New Vegas and left.