NYT review of Dead Space 2

Somehow, reading a video game review in the “Old Grey Lady” (that’s an apt nickname for the New York Times) feels a bit like hearing your grandmother drop the f-bomb at the Thanksgiving table (funny story, ask me some other time…) But the NYT just loves Dead Space 2!

You may have noticed this game from its clever “Your mom hates this.” marketing campaign.

This is a game in the “action-horror” genre. Did you play the original? Do you play action-horror games? If so, do you find them scary in the same way you find horror movies scary? I generally don’t play this type of game, but I am curious. There’s also a version out for iPhones and iPads that is getting good reviews.

Video Game selection

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A lot of these games are available through Steam, a quick and easy download and game management tool.  So… you don’t even have to go out to the store to buy a copy, and you can redownload it onto any computer, forever.

If you know of other good lists like this, feel free to reply and post them!