Computer intelligence in videogames becoming too real???

In my dynasty mode on NCAA I came across an interesting idea…are the games becoming too real and too intelligent? I would say that as of now we are becoming dangerously close to that answer being yes. I came across this conclusion while recruiting players in my Dynasty mode to convince them to come to the University of Miami. This would seem like it would be a simple enough task right?  but it in fact is not. Players from states as far away as Michigan are extremely against coming to Miami unless they are willing to overlook proximity to home in order to play for a title contender. Other players who really want to go to a rival school of Miami like Florida State would not come to Miami no matter how many recruiting pitches or promises I make to them. This absolutely amazed me at first, it made me think, wow! how is this game able to do all of this and still seem like a videogame as opposed to some sort of virtual workshop or demonstration. It has always intrigued me to think about the evolution of videogames and even more specifically, football games. I remember the days when a player barely had a choice on the plays they run let alone the players they recruited, their strength of schedule, or let alone their actual gameplay. So it is through playing in my NCAA dynasty mode that I have realized that videogames have truly taken a momentous leap towards closing the gap between videogames and real life. Whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen but one this is for sure, it is certainly happening…

Motion Games: The Future of Video Games???

As someone that has been playing video games from a very young age, I have seen the NHL games of Sega Genesis all the way up to the Madden games of the Wii. However, this new movement in the video game world is something that I find very troubling.

When the Wii first came out, it was a revolutionary idea. People could actually move around and play video games while their character on the screen would mimic their every physical move. This was the coolest thing for me: I could play baseball or bowl by actually imitating the motion.

Sadly, as I enter Best Buy or Target now a days, I have seen (as I am sure many of you have) that Xbox, PS3, and other future gaming systems have picked up on this motion idea.

I would like to pose 2 questions:

1) Does this influx of motion on gaming systems spell the end for something like the Wii? Personally, I think the Wii will remain a leader in the motion-gaming world because it has a more family-friendly focus than the other systems. However, the violent games do tend to tell so more so Nintendo may need to up the ante.

2) Is this the future of video games? Are we about to be freed of the joystick and circle, triangle, and square buttons and ushered into the world of the nunchuck? Furthermore, could things like a Mii and other types of Avatar just replace human interaction altogether (think the movie Surrogates). I feel that bowling alleys, parks, or any other form of entertainment could take a hit the same way Blockbuster and Hollywood Video did with the Netflix explosion because why go play outside when you could play the game in front of a TV?
Please comment back because I would like to hear some feedback on this as I know there are many schools of thought on this issue. See everyone tomorrow!