Scott McCloud Ted Talk

Here’s the link to the Ted Talk Professor Fishman mentioned in class:

He talks about comics. Starts out kind of depressing but picks up from there I found it pretty interesting.


TED (technology, entertainment and design) is embarking on a new project. Known for there inspiring videos on a wide variety of topics, TED is now targeting education. Launching a new youtube channel, TEDEducation, TED hopes to bring the best lessons teachers give to more people than those sitting in class, probably not even paying attention. TED hopes to bring together teachers along with animators in order to make these lessons as engaging as possible. Currently they are looking for teachers and artists to join with them in this new experiment and people can nominate those they feel deserve a shot. intro video and a little more info here:

Success does not equal happiness (Watch this!)

Today’s TED Talk is a perfect complement to the lecture on motivation. The speaker is a psychologist who studies “positive psychology,” and the talk is about how to make yourself more successful by making yourself happier. Usually we think about the world the other way around: If we succeed, then we will be happy. But in practice, often success leads to stress… if we get a good grade, we start worrying about whether we will get a good grade again. If we meet our sales goals, we get given an even higher sales goal. His field of research suggests that if we use proven techniques to improve our happiness now, we create a mindset that will make it easier for us to succeed.

Watch this now. It will make you happy.

Feel constrained by 200 words? How about 6?

Students in EDUC 222 know that the limit on weekly reading reactions is a paltry 200 words. How are you supposed to express your deep understanding of the readings in only 200 words? Here’s something to make you feel better.

Sebastian Wernicke, speaking at TEDx Zurich 2011, demonstrates the potential of boiling all TED talks down to just 6 words. Starting with over 2.3 million words across all TED talks currently on the web, Wernicke cut things back by 99.9997%! See for yourself below.

Next time you are working on a reading reaction, instead of feeling hemmed in by “only” having 200 words, think about starting with 6 words, and enjoy the extra 194!

Virtual Choir

I know this isn’t related to class, but this video is so amazing that I need to share it with as many people as possible. If you’ve heard the name Eric Whitacre, you may have heard of his virtual choir project; basically, people upload videos of themselves singing to YouTube, and those videos get edited together to form a huge virtual choir, with all parts being sung by people from around the world. This video had 2052 singers from 58 different countries performing Eric Whitacre’s Sleep, one of my favorite choir pieces ever written. I love how wonderfully this video shows off the power of the internet.

So, I know it’s not game related, but if TED asked Whitacre to do a TEDTalk on this project, I think it’s worth a watch.

Here’s the video: