Virtual Choir

I know this isn’t related to class, but this video is so amazing that I need to share it with as many people as possible. If you’ve heard the name Eric Whitacre, you may have heard of his virtual choir project; basically, people upload videos of themselves singing to YouTube, and those videos get edited together to form a huge virtual choir, with all parts being sung by people from around the world. This video had 2052 singers from 58 different countries performing Eric Whitacre’s Sleep, one of my favorite choir pieces ever written. I love how wonderfully this video shows off the power of the internet.

So, I know it’s not game related, but if TED asked Whitacre to do a TEDTalk on this project, I think it’s worth a watch.

Here’s the video:

Kahn Academy; Learning from Youtube

Is Kahn Education going to be the new way for learning? This new exciting program teaches students math through videos on youtube. Kids already watch videos on youtube, why not bring learning to their territory of entertainment. Children log into their account and do practice problems and can watch videos if they want more explanations. This is great because students can learn at their own pace and  use the program to fit their learning style. The other big plus is that its all free! This is especially great considering the fact that some students can’t afford to pay tutors for extra help. Kahn Academy is a new form of education that could transform the way kids learn.